The inception of this collection took place only after the initial sketches were drawn, what is interesting, usually the process is just the opposite. Initially, I made sketches of what I was missing and what would be essential today. But then I realized that this collection will be significantly different from previous ones. An unusual story – an excellent result!


The main color of this collection was predominantly black in my mind – one of my favorite colors, one of the most versatile and comfortable colors. I wanted to show that spring/summer is not limited to just yellow, green, and purple colors. That it is also possible to achieve a sense of ease through lighter breathable fabrics and shorter garment lengths.
Staying true to our minimalist design and quality, we have added more emotions and boldness.

This collection doesn’t seem to be as versatile as the previous ones, where you could wear the products from morning till evening, just changing shoes and accessories. These items reflect more feelings of courage and freedom, the freedom to express emotions and mood at the present moment.
Products in which you can express yourself just the way you want to be today – bold, sensual, and unique.
The black color is noticeable and striking. It has the ability to express courage, strictness, elegance, and at the same time, modesty. Black is the perfect color on days when you feel like saying, “I have nothing suitable to wear.” Black suits everyone, so feel free to experiment with it through details and your mood.
For the first time we introduce denim pants, a denim skirt, and evening dresses.
Favorite perfume, light makeup, lip gloss, wide-leg jeans, raglan sleeve crop top, and sneakers – a comfortable spring/summer outfit ready for a walk or going to a restaurant. You are beautiful, confident, and feel comfortable.
The woman of this collection is confident and open-minded. She wants to boldly express her mood and emotions today, focusing only on herself and comfort.
This collection harmoniously combines liberty and modesty. The items are exactly what you want to wear today.

Each item in this collection is independent and carries its own unique meaning.

In this collection, we pay special attention to shapes, volumes, and intriguing details.

I want to convey all these emotions to you, so that you can truly feel and experience this story for yourself.